How to make a ring

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Supplies: Clamp, 6 Veneers, Glue, Drill, Hand saw

You will need to glue with your fingers

Start gluing Veneer 1

Start Gluing Veneer 2

Once Finished, place Veneer 2 on Veneer 1

After you placed the Veneers, start gluing the top of Veneer 2

Start Gluing Veneer 3

After glued, place the Veneer 3 on top of Veneer 2

Glue the top of Veneer 3

Start gluing Veneer 4

When finished place Veneer 4

Glue the top of Veneer 4

Place Veneer 5 on top of Veneer 4 and start gluing

Glue the top of Veneer 5

Then finally place Veneer 6

When everything is complete place into a clamp

After a day remove the veneers slowly

If stuck gently shake it

Drill a hole into the veneers

Place the ring into a clamp.

Cut the rough ring into more of a circular shape

Continue cutting until you are satisfied with the product

Begin sanding with 80 grit sandpaper.

After rounding, hand sand the inside and outside of the ring until smooth to the touch.

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