How to set up a 10gallon aquarium

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First you'll want to pick a base such as rocks, pebbles, etc. In our case we are using rocks.

If not already clean, take some time to throughly clean the rocks before placing them in the tank. I suggest doing so in a pasta drainer as we found it was the best way.

After cleaning, evenly spread the rocks out and flatten with your hands.

Once patted down evenly (you don't want to be able to see the bottom of the tank) then grab a ruler to measure. You want the height of your rocks to reach 1 inch.

When your rocks measure 1 inch go ahead and fill the tank with water.

Now if you would like to add any decor or fun items for your fish go for it! Like the rocks, if not already clean you will need to give it a good rinse.

Place the decor or objects wherever you'd like. When doing so consider the placement of your filter and other items.

After, you will want to add water conditioner to the water. This is the brand we're using but any water conditioner you have should be good.

Slowly measure out 10ml! Placing it on the table to level out the liquid helps with accuracy.

Add that directly to the water.

Next, add in the same amount (10ml) of bacteria. This is the brand of bacteria we used, again any should be fine.

Make sure its no more than 10ml! And you will also add this directly to the water.

We are ready for the filter! This is the filter we are using. It was fairly easy to assemble, the instructions provided in the box do explain step by step on how to get this started.

Here is the filter! Placed in the back of the tank. Again, we simply followed the instructions provided with the filter.

We then buried an air pump under some rocks to keep it hidden. We used a Tetra whisper UL air pump for aquariums. One for a 10 gallon tank!

You will also want an aquarium heater. Instructions on placement provided with it. Same goes for the tank cover, as shown is provided with lights and the set up as easy as just plugging it in.

You are now ready to go out and buy your new friend! We purchased an Oscar fish and this was right before we released him into his new home! And that is how you set up a 10 gallon aquarium!

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