How to make a sticky date pudding with caramel sauce

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This is what you're ingredients should look like.

Now line a 7cm deep, 22cm wide Cake Pan lined with Baking Paper.

Now pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.

Now pour the Boiling Water over you Chopped Dates and Bicarbonate of Soda. Let this sit for Half an hour. ⏰

Now using an Electric Mixer, beat the Butter, Sugar and Vanilla until pale and creamy.

Now for the Caramel Sauce!

This is what your ingredients should look like. (Arm not included)

Add all your ingredients into a pan, and mix over medium heat. Once boiling, let it simmer(heat slowly without boiling) for 2 minutes at medium low.

Once the Cake and Sauce is finished, serve Cake with Sauce, and you have your very own STICKY DATE PUDDING!!! 🍽🎂

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