How to make chocolate sorbet #lactosefree (no machine)

Utensils needed: scale, saucepan to make the syrup. a bowl to make and store the sorbet. Spatula or a spoon or and whisk etc... Recommended a hand blender

Like all sorbet, the master recipe is a sugar syrup mixed with fruit pure or fruit juice and here it is mixed with chocolate.

Glucose 100 g or (light corn syrup)

Sugar 130 g

Water 500 ml

Cacao 30 g

Chocolate 70% 150 g

Grand mariner or Cointreau or brandy or vodka.. 50 ml

Preparing the syrup: in a saucepan, put 500ml water+100g glucose+ 130g sugar. Bring to a boil. Add 30 g cacao. Mix well. (Better use the hand blender) Bring to a slow simmer 2-3

Scale 150 g chocolate. Pour the hot syrup over the chocolate. Wait 2-3 mins and mix(hand blender) until chocolate is melted and the mixture is homogenous. Leave to cool down..20-30 mins

Mix with the spatula or with whatever..

Or with a blender

Scale 50 ml grand mariner. Add over the chocolate. Mix. Cool down completely and store in the freezer.

Cool down completely and store in the freezer. For a smoother texture, Check every now and then And when crystals are forming. mix with the spatula or with the hand blender. Repeat 2-3 times.

Spoon in a bowl and serve. Or of Course, serve the classical method

Watch the video: Chocolate Sorbet, Perfect for Summer. Amore di Mona Choclate

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