How to make a marshmallow snowman

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Supplies: - normal sized marshmallows - Oreos - Rolos - pull apart Twizzlers - marshmallow fluff - toothpicks - black icing

- Stick a marshmallow on the bottom of the toothpick. (#3) - Stick a marshmallow right above the first. (#2) - Stick a marshmallow above the first two. (#1)

Make two black dots at the top of marshmallow #1 for eyes.

Add a mouth at the bottom of marshmallow #1 by either drawing a solid curved line (beginner) or a dotted curved line (intermediate/advanced).

Pull one cookie apart from the rest of the Oreo and place it on top of marshmallow #1. To make it very sturdy, put marshmallow fluff on the bottom of the Oreo where it touches the marshmallow.

Put a Rolo on top of the Oreo. To make it extra sturdy, spread marshmallow fluff on the bottom of the Rolo before you place it on top of the Oreo.

- Tear off a piece of a pull apart Twizzler long enough to wrap around a marshmallow with ends. - Wrap it around between marshmallows 1 & 2. - Tie at the ends and pinch to keep them together.

Stick 2 toothpicks on opposite sides of marshmallow #2 to make arms.

Make your snowman unique, give him/her a name and/or a personality.

Capture him/her forever! If it is particularly amazing, put it on social media. Remember to use things like the Rule of Thirds.

NOTE: It is okay if your snowman falls down! It takes a lot of pratice and skill to always have your snowman stand up straight.

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