How to dehydrate bananas 🍌

First off, you're gonna want to grab a banana or two.

Dried bananas have the best flavor when tiny brown speckles are just beginning to appear on the skin.

Set up your cutting board and a sharp knife.

Go a head and get your dehydrator while you're at it.

Set out a small shallow bowl, and pour a few small squirts of lemon juice into it.

Add about the same amount of water into the bowl as well. Your result will be a diluted (roughly 50/50) solution of lemon juice and water.

Peel the banana, and cut it into slim coins.

Dip the freshly cut coins into the lemon juice and water mix. This is used to prevent browning of the fruit.

Make sure the front and back of the banana slice has come in contact with the solution.

Pick up the banana slices, shake off any excess lemon juice mixture, and line 'em in the dehydrator.

Set the temperature to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

And, finally, let the dehydrator run, cooking the bananas, for about 6 hours. Check it every now and then until your bananas are the desired crunchiness.

🍌🍌🍌 And that's all there is to it! I hope you all have enjoyed this guide (and your delicious banana chips)! Comment or message me if you have ANY questions!

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