How to make a deliciously good duck

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Fortunate to live close to a duck farm, $13 hell ya!

Obviously with duck, lots of fat. Gonna trim the excess off. Don't discard.

Fatty fat fat

We're doing a slow cook on the BBQ, so we'll try and render down the majority of the fat. To do so score with a sharp knife JUST down to the fat.

Here I show how I was able to score just the fat and not the meat.

Do this in 1 inch lengths all over the duck.


Tie the legs up. Was out of butchers twine so macgyvered up a tin foil rope.

Cover that bad boy with a good amounts of kosher salt. No, I don't know what kosher means except for good salt.

Action shot.

Doing this on my ceramic grill because both she and I are awesome. Could be done in oven or propane if you're weak like that.

That's about right.

Sorry for the shadow. I've put 2 (stacked) tin foil trays to catch the rendered fat for later goodness. Also put trimmed excess fat in tray.

Got a couple hours to kill, time for beer and #goleafsgo

About 45 minutes later, already smelling incredible out here. At this point you want to pierce the skin with the tip of a sharp knife and flip it over.

Two beers later repeat piercing and flipping.

The most coveted of all fats.

One beer later (going down a little slower), repeat. Looks and smells AWESOME. Heading inside for another beer, so let's get that glaze ready.

Crud. Too many beers in I realize I have no honey and can't drive to store. Neighbour has none. Substituted for agave syrup and tastes great. Put all ingredients in small pan and heat up.

In all about 3 hours cook time. Let sweeten this bird up!

Mmmm, crispy and glazy. Going to flip and re-glaze every 2 minutes or so for about 10-12 minutes. Keep an eye on it, if over direct heat the sugars in the glaze can burn quickly.

Damn I'm good! Now tent it and wait for your wife who always takes the dog for a walk at the most opportune time.

Cut into quarters.

Drizzle more glaze and serve with a nice French loaf. Don't serve it on a first date, you're going to get messy. Although it would guarantee some sexy time...

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