How to Make Perfect Bacon

Arrange only as many strips of bacon that can fit the width of a pan. Do NOT overcrowd the pan. For example, I am using a package of 12 strips of bacon and only cooking 6 strips at a time.

When you place your uncooked bacon in the pan, make sure the pan is COLD -— meaning, do not "preheat" the pan.

TipYou do not need to grease the pan with oil, butter, or cooking spray before you place the strips of bacon in the pan. Why? Because the bacon contains enough fat itself to not stick to the pan.

Heat your burner to 4, or medium low. If you have a splatter screen, place it over the pan now to help minimize grease splatters in your kitchen.

Let bacon cook on one side for 8-10 minutes, then flip slices using a slotted spoon (pictured) or tongs.

Increase heat to 5 (or medium).

Now, flip the bacon again. This is what it should look like on the other side. NoteOne piece of bacon was sacrificed at this step to some beloved housepets.

After bacon has cooked for 5-7 minutes (as stated in the previous step), check to make sure bacon is cooked on both sides. By now, it should look like the photo above.

Turn off all heat on stove. Using a slotted spoon or tongs, move bacon from the pan onto a few paper towels. Allow bacon to drain on paper towels (I.e.,, let the paper towels soak up the grease.)

Now eat! If you are cooking an additional batch of bacon after this, be sure to let the grease in the pan cool slightly, then dispose of it. Do NOT cook the next batch of bacon in the grease.

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