How to Make a Swarm Catcher

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Start with a standard bankers box and the lid.

Cut it in half along with the lid.

Once cut there should be two layers of bottom material.

Cut off this excess from both sides for later use.

Use tape to close the gap caused by the cut.

Leave one of the handles exposed as this will be the entrance.

Seal one end up.

Size the new box width using a few frames.

We will now use the scrap cardboard.

Cut the piece that extends past the top of the box.

Now the piece should be flush with the rest of the box.

Seal this piece using duct tape.

Now you should be left with and extended bankers box.

Next cut the lid in half.

Use the box to resize the lid.

Seal the top with the excess cardboard.

There will be a gap in the top side of the box.

Use more scrap to cover it up and seal with duct tape.




Seal up any remaining holes with duct tape.


Add a swarm lure and then you're done!

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